Aussie Slang (prod. by Caustic Yoda)

by Mikoen

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This track is basically a lesson in Aussie Slang..


Oi mate when I'm hungry I buy
a sausage roll an' a pie
hoo roo means good bye
an ankle biters a child
old fella means dick
sheilas are chicks
fries are chips, a 20's a stick
Also, fellas are blokes,
G'day means hello
chocolate is not candy, dog n bone's a phone ya gronk
You go swimming in togs, me mate Daza's a Wog
it's not liquor it's grog
a cop is a dog
the tuck-shop's where I got lunch
You got sloshed you got drunk
And if you had a bad trot that's bad luck
frog n toad is the road
give it a crack's have a go
ya castles ya home, a batla's an honest bloke
and if ya got a chick pregnant she's up the duff
naked is nud, a term of endearment's the word "cunt"
I know you like the way I'm speaking it
this is Aussie slang down under
we don't speak English!

Chorus: repeat (2x)

Look mate
we call a chicken a chook
I'm feelin crook
but I'll tell you she'll be right like I'm really all good
a ripe pair of knockers means nice breasts
you had a root means you had sex
when we really mean it we say dead set
mad as a cut snake that means you're crazy
bludger to a skip means lazy
A flano's a shirt
hard yakka means hard work
need to slip slop slap at the beach or you could get burnt
taken a piss is a slash a tongue kiss is a pash
veg out's relax ,trousers are dax
food you eat is your grub
a talk is a yarn
a hotel is what we call pub a ciggies a dart
big note means to brag, a case of beer is a slab
we call a party a bash
ya mulla's ya cash
I know you like the way I'm speaking it
this is Aussie slang down under
we don't speak English!

Chorus (2x)

Cats n dogs means it raining, football is rugby
a bottle of beer is called a stubby
If you're a politician you're a liar
a biff is a fight, a black eye is a shiner
If you done a wack it means you've done time
fair dinkum's real, if you're not smart you're what we call a dill
a barbies when we throw a couple snags on a grill
In Australia when you shoot through thats when you're leaving
creamed means defeated
40 winks is sleeping
tired is buggered, if he's your mate he's ya buddy
a toilets a dunny, young business men are called yuppie
A tv's a telly,
petrol is petty,
a presents a prezi,
an ice box is an esky
to put on the staunch means to threaten physical force
a pair of boardies are shorts
if you're a blow ass you're all talk
I know you like the way I'm speaking it
this is Aussie slang down under
we dont speak English!

Chorus (2x)


released December 9, 2016
Lyrics written and performed by Mikoen
Cuts by Caustic Yoda
Produced by Caustic Yoda
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by T.Kabanov for CwC Productions



all rights reserved


Mikoen Sydney, Australia

Mikoen is a Sydney based MC and a founding member of HipHop outfits Daily Meds, Reverse Polarities and independent label Big Village Records.
With hundreds of live shows under his belt Mikoen has been performing and releasing music since 2006.

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